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       Mobile phones are revolutionising communications across the globe,
       more so in developing countries where landline infrastructure is lacking
       in many rural (and some urban) areas. Mobile phones represent the
       only means of communication for hundreds of millions of people

       At the same time, mobiles have opened up huge economic opportunities
       for their owners. They can now be more easily contacted when work is
       available, they can use them to advertise their services, receive market
       prices, job information, and so on. Others now make a living 'sharing' their
       phones and charging non-owners to make calls. Some make a living
       charging phone batteries, selling top-up vouchers, or covers and chargers

       If you're interested in how mobile phones, used socially, are changing the face
       of the planet - and in particular developing countries - then let's share news,
       experiences and knowledge

       With an increasing interest, and momentum, in this area right now, this is a
       great time to get connected with fellow Group members - researchers,
       practitioners, bloggers, ICT professionals, developers, authors and members
       of the general public all interested in this field

       Please join, and please help spread the word!

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