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  Erik Hersman - "My name is Erik Hersman, I am an mzungu raised in East Africa, and am a passionate advocate of change, brought about through the use of technology. I'm a blogger at Afrigadget and White African, and like to connect to web and mobile application developers throughout Africa. I'm interested in building Africa's mobile social network"
  Shashank Kansal - "I direct OneWorld UKs mobile phone-based projects (www.mobile4good.com) and services for Africa and Asia. I work alongside partners, funders and layout strategy for the business planning. My business model aims to offer social benefits people need while keeping projects sustainable. Our partners include Vodafone, Accenture, BT and CISCO, among others. I am an entrepreneur and ambassador for knowledge-sharing and e-development. I have co-founded seven start-ups so far and managed a pan-European business for a nasdaq listed telecom company as a Senior Vice President. Well travelled across the world, I have travel and work experience from over 73 countries. Apart from a management degree I also have executive education from different parts of the world. I will be attending Harvard Business School this fall"
  BJ Fogg - "I'm a social scientist at Stanford who studies how mobile phones can be platforms for changing people's behaviours. This applies to health, financial security, politics, etc. My Stanford Lab tends to focus on pro-social uses for technology. Recently I ran a conference on "Mobile Persuasion" and with Dean Eckles co-edited a new book also called "Mobile Persuasion". Personally, I'm a huge fan of small technology. I once led all of Casio's research efforts in the U.S. because they are skillful in making small, affordable gizmos. Very fun! I'm now convinced that the mobile phone is the greatest of our human creations. It holds promise for changing the world"
  Tanbir Rahman - "I work with Catalist Group in Hong Kong, a mobile consulting and investment firm. I have over 14 years experience in the online and now the mobile industries. I'm an Internet veteran having lived through the thick of the dot com boom. I also have a range of technical, business development and entrepreneurial skills from working with technology products and services, and my blog about the state of play in the mobile world can be found at http://www.mobspecs.com"
  Ben White - "I work for Africa Interactive, which aims to inform everybody who shares an interest in Africa about the versatility of the continent. We believe that news, stories and images about investment, nature, sport and culture should be heard and seen more often. Personally, I have worked in Africa for several years. My experience is in media (television, print and online). I lived and worked in Egypt, South Africa and Tanzania. I have visited a number of countries on the continent and I am convinced of the opportunities"

Toni Eliasz - "I was born in Finland but am now living in South Africa where I'm heading Ungana-Afrika, a regional ICT4D organisation. I am currently focussed on mobile technology, and want to ensure that there will be an affordable quality broker and consulting service available for development organisations within the region and worldwide"
  Derrick Oien - "I am the President and co-founder of Intercasting corporation. We operate Rabble, which is a mobile social networking community that is on deck with 10 carriers including Sprint, ATT & Verizon. We also operate Anthem, a carrier grade mobile social networking platform. We are live with Sprint and will be launching later this summer with 3 UK. We have 4 other launches we will be announcing soon. We currently support Xanga, Live Journal, Vox, Black Planet, Mi Gente and Asian Avenue. I was previously President of Vivendi Universal's Internet music group (MP3.com, Rollingstone.com, eMusic and Getmusic) and prior to that was COO of MP3.com"
  John Kuner - "I am a Digital Vision Fellow at Stanford, working on mobile storytelling. That is, using digital storytelling and camera phones for cross cultural connections, and showing how digital media creation leads to positive self-expression and job skills. My website is http://mobilestorytelling.org"
  Lala Rimando - "As a business journalist from Manila, Philippines, I have been following the twists and turns in the telecommunications industry here and abroad. I have been writing analyses on the industry's milestones and prospects, and feature stories on the lives that were transformed as companies search for new opportunities and plant themselves in new markets. I think this industry, unlike all others, could directly impact how people on the ground could cope with barriers and borders. I'm excited to be on the front seat as new efforts, like Ken's and the others here in Facebook and the Social Mobile Group, share more"
  Dan Melinger - "I'm a founder and the CEO of Socialight. We have a social, mobile platform for local community content. Socialight lets any person or business create notes with media and information at real-world places that others can then find with their mobile phones. We're based in NYC and London. Folks can learn more from the Socialight website
  Itir Akdogan - "I am a PhD candidate at the University of Helsinki researching on the impact of ICT/mobile technology on the future of e-governance. I too hope this group will be a great tool for all of us"
  Jay Sennett - "I am co-founder and co-publisher of Homofactus Press, a global, digital micropress dedicated to generating options for the poor. Currently all Homofactus Press titles are available for free download. SMS technologies present intriguing collaborative and market opportunities for HfP, which we are excited to be exploring"
  Mischa Weiss-Lijn - "I'm Senior Interaction Designer at ShoZu, a mobile software application that gets videos and photos to and the web, easily and instantly. We allow users to connect to a wide and growing list of social media sites. I am interested in how to make it as easy as a possible for people to use social media from their phone"
  Chamath Ariyadasa - "I work as the Editor of Jasmine News, a breaking news service in Sri Lanka looking at public journalism through mobile/SMS telephony. JNW started push SMS breaking news in Sri Lanka and has been instrumental in generating about 30,000 subscribers on the two main mobile operators. JNW and Reuters are now the only two such news services in Sri Lanka. JNW runs a public SMS blog and is exploring greater interactivity with the public"
  Ryan Lanham - "I'm a regular blogger and am also writing a dissertation at Virginia Tech on a design for an open system to coordinate disaster relief missions between multiple disparate participants. It emphasizes Web 2.0 and especially video technology. I was a venture-funded Internet entrepreneur in financial services. My Bachelors is from Johns Hopkins, and I have a particular interest in sub Saharan Africa and pan-Africanism. I am in my last year, so I am looking for good social entrepreneurship or service opportunities as well. My first interest is ICT improvement - WiMax, Web 2.0, open access, etc"
  John Benjamin Cassel - "I'm working on a new kind of social software tool called a Scenario Connector. A scenario connector is a device describing scenarios as networks of situations and events, which themselves are tag pools, allowing the rapid comparison between scenarios, as well as helping to figure out the situation described by a swarm of tag-publishing devices in a particular area. I hope to bring new kinds of situational understanding to mobile social platforms. I'm currently employed in an unrelated startup, but I intend to work on this project full-time starting Fall 2008"
  Dan Ng - "I work in the London office of global ad agency DDB. My job title is Head of Integration, which means that's it's my job to make sure that the strategies we undertake on behalf of clients use the full set of communications disciplines, including mobile. In a previous life I was strategist at another agency called SS+K in New York, where I worked on the ConQwest big game with Kevin Slavin (now of Area Code). That big game utilised semacode (server side over MMS). That's me. Good luck on the group!"
  Joe McCarthy - "My latest work-in-progress is captured in a recent set of slides on Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/gumption/friendsters-at-work-displaying-social-media-streams-in-the-workplace/. My latest thought-in-progress is captured in a recent blog post: http://gumption.typepad.com/blog/2007/06/africa-is-the-n.html"
  Volker Hirsch - "I am the VP of Corporate & Legal Affairs for Hands-On Mobile and, besides games and some cutting-edge apps, we also recently launched the Yatta Video UGC application. I am also blogging on all things mobile (content). You'll find a full(er) profile of me on LinkedIn"
  Ken Banks - "I've been working in IT for over 20 years, and in mobile since 2003. My degree is in Social Anthropology and I've worked on various conservation and development projects throughout Africa since 1993. The main focus of my work now is helping empower grassroots non-profits in the use of mobile technology. Full details are available via the kiwanja.net website"
  Olaf Dunn - "I am a mobile device strategist, providing consultancy to clients, advising them of the mobile industry trends wherever their location around the world. User experience is of up-most importance in the mobile industry, and should be #1 priority for all companies looking to go mobile! See my insight into the wireless industry at Wireless Roundup"
  Brian House - "I've been doing projects with mobiles for a while now, most notably with Yellow Arrow, Glowlab, and my own group Knifeandfork. I'm interested in the use of technology for subversive story telling and have a new open technology platform under development for a Rhizome commission. I'm looking forward to participating in the group"
  Swati Mylavarap - "I'm a social scientist with a development studies background. I've worked on various socially-conscious business projects and am interested in making markets work for those at the bottom of the pyramid. I'm especially interested in ideas for making new technologies accessible to entrepreneurs in developing countries. To that end, I'll be joining Google.org in September"
  Joakim Hilj - "I am a co-founder of Mobispine, and we develop a very exciting product within mobile content and mobile advertising. Mobispine is a smart mobile browser which makes it easy for people to consume multimedia rich content from their mobile phones for free. At the moment we aggregate news from all over the world and have user downloads from more than 100 countries. We are always interested in how we could improve the product or our offering in any way"